Croatian banks can also help with the financing: assume that 50-70% of an apartment house can be financed with credit. For private houses is a possibility for EU-citizens up to max. of EUR 250.000.-. For an apartment house a buisiness plan is required - with all documents such as building permission, preliminary contract for the purchase of land, exact plans of the buildings, etc. have to be submitted to the bank. The business plan and all necessary documents will be prepared by us - of course all has to be in Croatian language. And: a business plan is of course only required for building of apartment houses for rent or sell, not for private houses.

The loan interest currently amounts to 4-5% per year, with collateral in land register. The money is paid out to the construction company during building works. An expert from the bank checks the construction progress that all will be built as ordered! The term of the loans is usually up to 12 years. There is also the possibility to repaiy the credit earlier at no additional costs. Of course you can sell also the whole builing or individual apartments of the house anytime.

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