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There are several advantages to found an own company in Croatia

  • You want to enter the market in the European Union, probably you will also make your own residence in Croatia. Croatia offers very attractive conditions for founders and immigrants from everywhere!
  • You want to travel free within EU-countries when Croatia soon gets Schengen-member, and have no more costs and troubles with visa.
  • You want build an apartmenthouse and invest in realities. The coast in Croatia is very attractive, tourism is very expandable. Realities generate good returns - both for renting and selling - and are also a safe investment due to the further rising prices.

As your contact persons, we offer you complete solutions from a single source. We take care of all the formalities for you during the foundation and accompany you after the foundation for the respective business purpose of your company.

You want more details?

Contact us for detailed infos about founding a company and getting a residence in Croatia/EU! Send an email to: 

Croatia offers a very friendly system to found new companies and thus acquire all rights as an EU citizen. There is no minimum investment like in most other EU-countries. After founding the company, you can employ yourself in your own company, and later join the family and they also can live in Croatia. Croatian banks offer internetbanking with worldwide access, all in English language. You also get such account at a bank with founding a company!

But you need not have to emigrate to Croatia, you need not have a residence here. It is also possible to use the location and the company as the headquarters in EU, save all future visa issues, and open up production facilities that can receive in future also EU funds and subsidies.


For building an apartment house the first step is to found your own company in Croatia. Therefore you do not need to come to Croatia - we will do all the service and the whole work for you. As soon as the company is registered on Court in Croatia and registered in the EU-wide VAT registration system, the construction can begin. Your advantage: then you can pay all and every costs of construction works without VAT - in Croatia this is 25%. Finally the owner of the house is then your company.

The investment in the apartment house is a safe investment because the property value on the coast is very stable, and it is to expect that the value will increase in the coming years.

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